Leah Rae Berger


I am an extremely driven and enthusiastic person who likes to turn every obstacle into an achievement. I am organised and work well under pressure making sure I reach every deadline with only my best work. I have experience working as an editorial intern and therefore I am great at coming up with new features and stories for every editorial meeting. I love to write articles and features and I have been complimented on my work regularly. I have editing and proofreading experience and I am good at conforming to house style whilst also bringing my personality to the table. I also have experience producing online and social media content. I am competent at working with a wide range of Adobe programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition, as well as all the Microsoft office programs. I am a sociable person who likes working in team environments, but I can also put my head down and work hard on my own as well. I can communicate well and professionally and I am great at negotiating and speaking over the phone and email. My childhood in Zimbabwe has also made me passionate about humanitarian reporting.